Katt Williams was arrested again (we know) on Jan. 8 in Los Angeles because he has yet to learn his lessons about all those other times he was arrested. You'd think by now he'd know not to run from police, miss a court date or look vaguely arrestable.

This time around, Williams was snagged for missing a scheduled court appearance for that car chase that resulted in charges of reckless driving and evading police. Also for possibly impersonating Batman.

The LAPD is adamant that Katt knew he was a wanted man and thus cooperated with police when they arrested him on Tuesday outside his L.A. home. He was released later that night on $100,500 bail.

He says he missed his court date because he had two courtrooms to be in at once and had to choose between them. Rather than having someone call and reschedule (or, you know, stop doing things that demand so much judicial attention), Williams skipped out on his arraignment to go to a custody hearing for his children.

When asked if he was granted custody, Katt responded, "No, I actually don't [have custody] ... The lady who tried to take 'em and lost in court twice, they gave 'em to her."

The woman in question sounds a little sketchy, but we're guessing a judge deemed her better parental material than a guy whose day planner is so clogged with court dates that he can't possibly make them all.

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