Maybe Katt Williams should just get his own pair of custom-fitted handcuffs and wear them all the time to spare cops the trouble.

This time around, he was detained by police outside of a Subway “restaurant” on Dec. 20 for parking too close to a fire hydrant, and in response, he's now playing the race card.

Hot on the heels of a Dec. 7 arrest after Katt led cops on a dangerous if slightly amusing police chase, West Hollywood's finest were summoned to the sub shop this week because Williams reportedly caused a “disturbance.”

He denies that, saying he was merely waiting outside the Subway while his manager Suge Knight was at a nearby nail salon getting a manicure and a pedicure.

Wait. Suge Knight gets mani-pedis? We call shenanigans.

Officers arrived, cuffed the comedian and put him in the back of a cop car where he was caught smiling and flashing the thumbs up by TMZ.

Katt told the media outlet that police took a gun and weed from his possession but returned both when Williams showed his medical marijuana card and a gun permit. Police, though, claim he didn't have a gun, just an empty .45 caliber magazine. (But if you throw one of those really hard, it would probably leave a nasty mark.)

He told TMZ he plans to sue the police and is thinking about calling Gloria Allred to represent him, but we're thinking he's outta luck there since he doesn't have the vagina she requires her all clients to possess.

A Subway employee says he didn't notice Williams doing anything untoward, so it's still unclear who actually called the po-po. But regardless, the comedian was eventually ticketed for parking near a hydrant and allowed to toddle on his unhinged way.

Suge also received a ticket for “outstanding traffic warrants,” and his man card was revoked for patronizing a nail salon.

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