Here's something that you won't be able to unsee.

Facebook user Felicia Capone saw something out of the corner of her eye at her Baton Rouge home. Once she realized what it was, it was almost too late! A nice sized snake nonchalantly crawled into a wall outside of her home and according to Capone she "hasn't seen it since."

This snake doesn't look harmful—and believe me, I know that some snakes are "good" and I know that if we don't harm them, they won't harm us. I know ALL of that, but something about a snake being inside of a wall scares the hell out of me. My mind would wander nonstop.

What is that snake doing in the wall? Is it snake pooping in my wall? Is there another snake in there with it? Are they making NEW snakes? Will an entire snake family just appear in my living room one day and kick me out of my own home?

These are all valid questions, and regardless of the answer, snakes in walls are not the jam... AT ALL. As a matter of fact, here's the first video that popped up when I searched "snake in wall."

Hopefully, Felicia can locate this snake sooner than later.

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