Most people put out glue traps to catch rodents or other pests that may try to get into their homes, but one guy found a couple of big surprises on the trap in his garage.

Facebook user Robert Andres normally puts glue traps out around his garage, and what he recently stumbled upon while changing them out with the exterminator will make your skin crawl. In addition to bugs, spiders and leaves Robert was shocked to find not one, but two snakes on the glue trap!

What's even creepier is that they were both still alive!

With the water rising around South Louisiana recently, many insects, snakes and other animals have traveled from their safe havens in remote waterways to suburban areas and neighborhood backyards (and maybe even garages) across Acadiana.

Just a reminder to be alert around the yard and the house as cleanup efforts continue in the wake of recent Louisiana flooding.

[via Facebook]