Ariel Fontenot's mom thought she saw something moving in the grass near her vehicle, and upon further investigation she found a slithering surprise under the hood of her car.

Snakes have been out and about all over Acadiana with the warm temperatures, but when they exit their normal habitat of tall grass and swampy waterways and find their way into our homes and our vehicles, things can get a little nerve-racking.

Ariel's step-dad coaxed the sizeable snake onto the windshield where he played with it (barefoot, lol) until it slid off of the car and back into the yard.

The Mamou woman should be glad they saw it before she was driving down a major roadway. Could you imagine driving and seeing that thing popping out of the hood—or even worse, coming INTO the car?

Be safe out there, South Louisiana. These snakes are savage.

[via YouTube]