A wild accident was caught on video near the Gloria Switch exit on I-49.

The surveillance clip was posted on Facebook by Coby Guidry and shows an SUV zooming down what looks like the exit ramp off of I-49 at Gloria Switch. When the SUV re-appears in the frame we see it barreling through a ditch and then crashing into a truck that is stopped at the light on the frontage road in front of a Courtesy dealership.

In what may be the wildest part of the video, someone is seen falling out of the SUV before it continues driving along the frontage road.

There isn't much more info related to the accident other than it allegedly happened early Saturday morning around 9:30 a.m. Some commenters seemed to piece together parts of the story based on eyewitness testimony.


This is at least the second wild accident we've seen at the Gloria Switch exit. We'll update the story if we hear any more information.

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