Jessica Beagley was featured in a segment on Dr. Phil in November titled "Mommy Confessions." She had gone on the show to beg for help with her 7 year old who had "behavior problems" that she could not fix. Home video footage of Beagley punishing her adopted Russian son shot by her daughter was aired on the show. It showed Beagley punishing her son by putting hot sauce in his mouth and forcing him to take cold showers. Now that it is making it's rounds on the internet the dramatic footage is drawing outrage from people across America AND Russia. Jessica Beagley is facing child-abuse charges and Friday she plead not guilty through her lawyer in a downtown Anchorage courtroom.

To make matters worse, her son has a twin. Check out more details here and watch this insane video below.

The case has gained international attention because nearly all adoptions from the Russian Federation to the United States have been on hold for more than a year as diplomats on both sides work to get Russia better oversight of the adopted kids, who maintain Russian citizenship. News reports of abuse inflicted on adopted Russian children have angered many in Russia, according to Russia's Commissioner of Children's Rights.

If Beagley is found guilty, there is "quite a big chance" that the twins would be sent back to Russia, according to Tony Astakhov, an assistant to Russia's Commissioner of Children's Rights.

[via ADN]

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