Well, Day 2 of my vacation here at Beaches Boscobel Resort & Golf Club has come and gone, and let us just say there were a LOT of 'firsts.' I am no longer a virgin in the massage world. My girlfriend convinced me to get a couples massage, and of course, I gave in. (Hey, When In Rome, right?) Now that I have explored the world of tissue rubbing, I'll definitely be looking around Lafayette for my next massage! Another 'first' was on the catamaran trip I went on, I met a girl named "Crazy Anna" - and she could have been from Louisi-Anna by the way she partied. She was one of the workers on the catamaran cruise and she had skills like none other ! For the first time, I was delivered a Red Stripe beer, while she danced toward me with the cup on her head (on a BOAT in choppy waters on top of that). As soon as I get back, I'll be sure to post that video pronto!

A few other firsts today, included eating jerk chicken in Jamaica for the first time, teaming up with a Jamaican Disc Jockey (DJ Pablo) and hanging out with Elmo from Sesame Street.  Yep, "that" Elmo. You see, 'Beaches' Resorts have made important partnerships with the things that the families who come here already enjoy, so that when they are here, they are very familiar with the entertainment and have the chance to interact in ways like never before. For instance, you can actually arrange to have one of the Sesame Street characters tuck your child in at night! That would probably freak some of us out, but trust me, there is a kid out there that would be ELATED!

The people are SO hospitable here, and it is genuine. Oh, and how could I forget ... the food. There is definitely NO shortage of food here, and the best part is. It's all inclusive, so you never pull out the wallet. It is ALL taken care of, and it is dang good too. Last night we had Tex-Mex at 'Arizona' a seaside restaurant located right on the beach. Also, the drinks find a way to keep coming. I have definitely become a big fan of Red Stripe beer. It's the domestic beer here in Jamaica; sort of like what we would consider our Budweiser products. I have tried about 4 million varieties of frozen drinks, but my favorite is still the "Dirty Banana." (i don't even know what is in it besides bananas & rum .. but it's good lol)

Tonight, we will be dining in The Venetian. It is the Italian restaurant here at the resort and I can't wait to check it out. Afterward, we will probably hit up the piano bar where people hang out and sing classic American tunes with a Jamaican piano player. It is definitely the best combination .. ever. Check out a few more pics from Day 2 and remember, I'm only here to describe to you first-hand what you could EASILY win just by listening for the Q to call, or entering now online - from Sterling Automotive on Hot 107.9