It's crazy to think that iTunes has already reached its 25th BILLIONTH download!! Economics student Phillip Luepke, 22, of Hanover, Germany purchased a techno song titled "Money Drums" by British DJ Chase Buch.

The 22-year-old says he was in a club when he first heard the song, and used the popular app "Shazam" to identify the track. The next day he downloaded the song and soon after that he was told that he had just downloaded the 25th Billionth song from iTunes.

The young man told Reuters, "I woke up this morning and had an email from Apple saying I had the 25 billionth download."

Because Luepke was the person to reach this milestone on iTunes, he has been rewarded a track card valued at $13,500!!! He says that after receiving this "gift card," his music collection should grow.

Now, here is the kicker to the story. Listen to the song this guy bought. Not to "hate" on anyone, but he actually spent HIS OWN hard earned money on this track. Click HERE to sample the song titled "Monkey Drum."