A Baby That Plays Guitar Better Than The Black Keys [VIDEO]
Babies are so stinking cute, and they do amazing things every day. Everything from walking for the first time to saying Mama. This baby can not only play the guitar, but with the help of Rocksmith, he can play better than most professionals. Watch him take over the game and just JAM!
Beyonce Blasts Pregnancy Speculation
The Internet went into a tizzy when reports surfaced that Beyonce is expecting her second child. While the songbird's camp is refusing to confirm or deny the reports, Bey allegedly went on Instagram to shoot down the speculation.
Internet Baby Naming Contest Thankfully a Hoax
Last week we reported that a horrible  mom was letting the internet vote to decide the name of her child for a measly $5,000. We can now thankfully say that the whole thing was a big, stinking hoax, perpetrated by none other than the company holding the contest.

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