UL Flash Rave 2011 [VIDEO]
So what happens during finals week at a college? Most people think of studying, boat loads of stress, staying up late hours, etc.  The students this semester at UL Lafayette had a better idea though, FLASH RAVE!!!!!!!!!
What Finals Week Means To Me
Its finals week. Finals suck. The only thing more annoying than studying for finals, is being out of college and listening to everyone complain about studying for finals.
Lil Final Boyz – ‘Finals Week 2011′ [VIDEO]
Two students from LSU that call themselves "The Lil' Final Boyz" have released a college finals anthem via YouTube and it's pretty funny. The video is based around the LSU campus and even features a cameo from LSU football standout wide-receiver, Russell Shepard. With so many college stude…