President Barack Obama Disses Kanye West Again!!! [VIDEO]
President Barack Obama still isn't showing much love towards rapper Kanye West. During a sit-down interview with the magazine The Atlantic, President Obama said that while he totally respects West for all of his accomplishment, he still thinks West is a "Jackass." When the reporter David S…
Rihanna Opens Up About Her Dating Life On ‘Ellen’ [VIDEO]
Rihanna recently visited the "Ellen Show" and opened up about her dating life, or there lack of. The singer has been riding on cloud-9 as of late...she was a winner at Sunday night's AMAs, she has two songs climbing the charts ("We Found Love and "You Da One") and her highly…
What An Amazing Singer!!! (VIDEO)
This young lady stares into her laptop and belts out her best. While it may not be "grammy material," let's just say Rebecca Black now has competition in the neighborhood.