Going into Thanksgiving week, we have received hundreds of e-mails from listeners nominating families that are in need of a Thanksgiving basket from Heleaux's Grocery. We have teamed up with the fine folks from Heleaux's this year for Thanksgiving, and we will be delivering three Thanksgiving baskets to families that can use them. Hear how the first giveaway went down Thursday, Nov. 17th, with Chris Reed On-Air.

On November 9th we received an e-mail from Jennifer as she nominated her sister Michelle for a Thanksgiving basket. Jennifer informed us that Michelle is a single mom and works a few part-time jobs to "make ends meet." Michelle has been laid-off during these touch economic times and it is tough for her to feed her kids, pay the bills, and entertain her kids all at once. Jennifer says, just when things seem to be getting better for her sister, something ALWAYS happens to Michelle to bring her back down. However, her faith remains strong and her will to provide for her kids is stronger now than ever.

Listen as Chris Reed calls Michelle while On-Air and informs her of what her sister has done for her. Finally, Michelle may have gotten the break she rightfully deserves and its all because of people like her sister, Jennifer, and our friends at Heleaux's Grocery!!!