You can never predict what Boosie BadAzz will do. Lately, he has been giving the internet the content jackpot with his antics.

This time is no different, as Boosie tweeted that he experienced taking mushrooms for the first time...and it's guaranteed to crack you up.

It seems that Boosie has not done the experimental drug before today, and he seems to love it. If you know anything about psychoactive drugs, you know that you don't know what you are going to get when taking them. It could be a different experience every time.

Boosie documented his first time in this video he posted on Twitter. As you can see, he is definitely not in Louisiana because he is running around in the snow. He took a vacation trip, in the literal sense.

Take a look at Boosie BadAzz running through the snow on a mushroom trip:

This man cracks me up. If you follow him, you know he has zero hesitation to post  anything he does, including trips through magical mushroom land.

One thing is for sure with Boosie...he will record everything and he will post it. No matter what it is, and he will do it without shame. Louisiana's finest!

You Know You're From Louisiana

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