Lafayette PD held a presser earlier today and confirmed that the bike belonging to Mickey Shunick that was found Saturday under the Whiskey Bay exit on I-10 had damage to the rear wheel/tire. Cpl. Paul Mouton stressed that even though damage to Mickey's bike may initially trigger assumptions of her being hit from behind, they "do not know that for a hundred percent that that's where that damage came from."

Mouton said that the bike was submerged beneath the water when found by fisherman, and investigators do not believe the bike was thrown over the interstate bridge, but rather dumped beneath it. The bent rim with the tire that was "dislodged from the rim itself," was the only visible damage and the bike has since been turned over to the Louisiana State Police Crime Lab to be analyzed by forensics experts.

In related Mickey Shunick news unrelated to the press conference or the discovery of her bike, the official FIND MICKEY NOW Facebook page announced earlier this afternoon that volunteer search efforts and donations have been suspended indefinitely.

At this time the volunteer portion of the search effort is indefinitely suspended, however it is still ongoing. This suspension includes food, beverage, and material donations of any kind as well as manpower coming in to participate in the search effort.

This suspension however does not include benefits that are already scheduled to take place. We would also like to reiterate that upon the conclusion of the search effort, all supplies and money in all donation accounts will be given to non-profit organizations.

This in no way means that our efforts will decrease , only that they have changed out of necessity, and we encourage everyone to reblog, repost, reshare, and keep talking about Mickey. We cannot begin to express the gratitude and affection we have for everyone who helped us in any way. We would not have gotten anywhere close to where we are today without you guys.

Thank you so much from the bottom of all of our hearts and please keep checking in with us. We’ll do our best to keep you updated.

Find Mickey Shunick Volunteer Effort


This status update came only 2 hours after Charlene Shunick posted details on where the money and donations have been going in the search efforts to find her sister.


charlene shunick explains where money and donations are going

Though the Find Mickey Volunteer Effort has called off all donations and voluntary searches, Cpl. Paul Mouton stated that the drivers of the three vehicles captured on surveillance cameras in the area where Mickey Shunick was last seen have not yet been found and are still wanted for questioning at this time. He stressed that these drivers aren't suspects, but instead people who may have seen Mickey, or something that may help in finding her.

  • An 80's or 90's GM type vehicle four-door with bondo on the right rear quarter panel.
  • A white Chevrolet Z-71 four-door pickup truck
  • A white GMC or Chevrolet with a bed cover

Lastly, Mouton confirmed that detectives from Indiana have spoken with Lafayette detectives about similarities between the Shunick case and a missing persons case there involving a University of Indiana student who disappeared over a year ago after a night out with friends in downtown Bloomington. Though both girls were the same age, build, and had the same blonde hair color, investigators have looked over both cases and police don't believe the two are related.

Any tips or information should be reported to 337-291-8633.

Mickey Shunick: Lafayette Police Press Conference 5/29/12

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