Bright and early every day, Acadiana's most interactive morning show "On Air with Chris Reed" brings you the "Morning Buzz"; an interactive discussion about the world's hottest trending topics. Today, in honor of the start of school we asked our listeners and Facebook friends to share their most embarrassing moment they had while in school.

Once again, our listeners and Facebook friends did not disappoint.

The following is our top five favorite 100% listener generated embarrassing stories.

5. Upchuck Alison

Embarrassing yourself in front of your crush is one of every middle schooler's biggest fears. Listener Alison shares how she manged to combine two school nightmares into one awesomely embarrassing moment.

4. Paula's Pre-School Pre-Gaming

High school kids and alcohol never seem to mix well. For listener Paula, the infamous combination helped create a day she'll never forget.

3. Charlotte's Aunt Flo

One of the toughest aspects of adolescence is dealing with puberty. Unfortunately for listener Charlotte, puberty doesn't always give you a heads up.

2. Armageddon Alison

Listener Alison had a tough school career. With her second entry to our top five, listener Alison predicts death for all. Thanks for the laughs Alison, somebody give this poor girl a hug.

1. Listener Sandra: Bump, Set, Braces

This story had us rolling in the studio. Having braces in school is tough enough already, but listener Sandra managed to take that embarrassment to a whole 'nother level.

A big thank you to all the listeners who shared there stories! Tune into to tomorrow's edition of "Morning Buzz" for more buzzworthy stories.

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