Bikini Model Deemed Too Hot To Teach High School [PHOTO]
As soon as I saw this pic of 26 year old Olivia Sprauer, I immediately started singing Van Halen's 1994 hit Hot for Teacher "I've got it bad, Got it bad ,Got it bad, I'm hot for teacher!". I'm so glad they didn't have teachers like this when I was in s…
C String Bikini One-Ups G-String
While certain fashion designers are offering more conservative one-piece swimsuits for women in their most recent lines, the C String bikini is covering the less-is-more market with the most ridiculous bikini we’ve ever seen.
Kate Upton’s Sexy Video
Model Kate Upton seems to be "the hit" on the internet today as a video demonstration has surfaced of her showing us how to do the dance to "Cat Daddy."
Ohh No It’s Almost Bikini Season [VIDEO]
Ohh no the season is almost here ladies!! That means the tanning beds are cranking up and the last minute work outs are getting under way.  Did I mention the crash dieting to fit into that 'Special Swimsuit?'  Bikini season is the one time of the year where the guys enjoy and SOM…

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