Students Watch Sex Tape At Graduation Ceremony
If you're a Danish high school student, you have a lot to look forward to like graduation, senior trip, and just maybe a little porno flick in front of your parents.  O.k., maybe your only looking forward to a few things, you wouldn't want to watch a romantic movie in front of your fa…
Acadiana Road And School Closures
Because of the flooding across the Acadiana area, the following roads remain closed to traffic.

US 190 at La 104 in St. Landry Parish
La 93 in Lafayette and St. Landry Parish
La 182 (University Ave.), in Lafayette Parish, is closed north of Pont des Mouton to LA 358
La 98 (Gloria Switch Rd
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UL Flash Rave 2011 [VIDEO]
So what happens during finals week at a college? Most people think of studying, boat loads of stress, staying up late hours, etc.  The students this semester at UL Lafayette had a better idea though, FLASH RAVE!!!!!!!!!
Spring Break 2011 Destinations
With Spring Break 2011 just days away for all UL-Lafayette students, we thought we'd share the hot destinations for Spring Breaker's. For most Louisiana students, it has always been Panama City, FL or South Padre Island. See if any of these places are in the top of all places to visit whil…
Could Social Media Bring Better Grades?
According to a story I just read, undergraduate students who tweet, make better grades than students who DO NOT tweet. Is this a legitimate argument for staying on the social media network?